The fine details that go into chartering a private jet

Ever wondered what goes into taking a private jet flight? The details are intensive and it takes many involved to perfect the art of charting a jet.

It starts with a phone call, email, or text to your charter broker. From there an airplane is sourced and introduced to you, the jet setter. Once the funds are secured and paperwork is signed, the trip is in motion.

The plane is reserved for you and only you. The pilots begin flight planning, the schedulers start finding the best FBO, fuel prices, and hotels for the crews. The broker sources the only finest organic catering and ground transportation.

An hour before departure, the ground crew takes the airplane out of the hangar and stages the aircraft for the pilots. From there the pilots prepare the aircraft with the famous 3 liner – coffee, ice, papers – the three essential items that show up on every flight.

After all preflight items and cabin preparation are taken care of, the crew awaits your arrival. After a quick photo ID check against the manifest, you step aboard your luxury private jet. After a pilot gives you a quick safety brief, you are sipping on your favorite beverage and are left in peace until you touchdown at your ultimate destination.

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