Top 5 Reasons You Need A Private Jet Charter Broker

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In today’s dynamic air charter market, searching for your own private jet to charter for business or personal can be a burdensome undertaking. With so many different size business jets taking to the skies, it can be difficult to pinpoint which is really right for your travel mission, and wallet.

Often, selecting a local private jet charter company located at an airport nearest you may not be the best option. As misguided as this may seem, a charter broker has relationships with hundreds of charter operators nationwide and has access to a surplus of empty jets than the ones sitting in the hangars at your local airport.

By booking your next charter flight through a well-seasoned charter broker, their relationships and discount pricing can only be attained by booking through that specific broker. Let’s face it, time is money and when you have to call/email around to find what you may think is the best price for a charter flight, you may be in for a big surprise.

Let’s take a look at why using a private jet charter broker is highly beneficial:

1. Private jet charter brokers, through web based software, have access to far more aircraft than one charter operator who is limited geographically to one airport location. A broker knows where empty aircraft are at all times, often leading to a better jet charter price over using a home based private jet.

2. Experienced professional brokers know what typical charter routes should cost and are acting on your behalf to negotiate that rock bottom charter price. A seasoned broker knows when a charter price is highly inflated and will work with the operator to negotiate those extra fees.

3. Although it is true that air charter brokers are not presently regulated by the FAA, there are a select few, including FlightOn Jet, Inc. that are truly knowledgeable in aircraft performance and have a deep background in flight operations which allow for consulting on which private jet is right for your mission. For example, just because there are 7 seats on a light jet, doesn’t necessarily mean that a particular aircraft has the performance capabilities to take 7 passengers comfortably with luggage and fly at its maximum range. A fuel stop may be required and depending on where you are flying into or out of, the aircraft may meet performance limitations. A charter broker knows this first hand and can offer solutions or an aircraft that can handle a heavier load.

4. Air charter brokers not only act as a liaison between you and the charter operator, but also assist in ground transportation, in flight gourmet catering, and resort accommodations as well. Because brokers have such a high client count, their relationships with different vendors can offer a multitude of savings just by booking with a well-known charter brokerage company.

5. Lastly, we all hear about these “empty leg deals” and “one way pricing.” Booking through a representative of a brokerage group can only attain these types of charter flights. With several aircraft sourcing platforms at their fingertips, brokers can find you those one way and empty leg deals. Say a charter operator based in San Francisco just dropped off clients in Los Angeles and will be returning to San Francisco empty. It is a charter broker that can offer its clients that true empty leg from Los Angeles to San Francisco. If you were to book a charter directly from a charter operator in Los Angeles, you would never have the opportunity to take advantage of that special pricing.

Why choose FlightOn Jet for your luxury jet charters

A charter broker serves as a true private jet charter concierge that handles all aspects of your flight from take off to landing. Next time you are in the market for chartering a private jet, contact FlightOn Jet to handle all details of your trip.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or would like to book, contact us and we are more than willing to assist in your private jet charter arrangements.

FlightOn Jet specializes in all types of private jet travel:

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